Women in Agri-tech: Best Practice Guide for Effective Engagement Between Teachers and the Agricultural Industry

New and emerging technology is an exciting and rapidly expanding part of the agricultural industry. Developing collaborative partnerships between the education and the food and fibre sector is vital to ensure the next generation workforce is not only inspired to consider further study and a career in the industry but have started to develop the skills and knowledge required.

The below best practice guidelines are designed to help form effective partnerships between industry and education, so they can develop engaging learning modules for students to build skills and knowledge in the application of current and emerging agri-tech tools and systems in the food and fibre sector. It is important to note that each partnership is unique and there is not one single model that will suit all relationships. The outcomes from the ‘Women in Agri-tech’ research identified six common areas that lay the foundation for positive teacher-industry relationships.

The guidelines are a culmination of recommendations and issues raised by both teachers and industry representatives who participated in the ‘Women in Agri-tech’ program.